Feather And Dot


The LA duo Feather / Dot make electronic mantra music that blends rock with ambient psychedelia. Sanjay and Hargo bring a unique perspective with their open enthusiasm for minimal electronic, and classical Indian music. The result is the duo’s vision of a new kind of mantra — wide, groovy, emotional, and dance. Feather / Dot is an ethos: earth and space, past and future. Feather / Dot are widely associated with LA’s contemporary yoga scene. After traveling and touring as a rock four-piece, Hargo and Sanjay found themselves returning to their roots.

Stepping into the studio was easy – Hargo having already produced over 15 Mantra and Kirtan records for several labels, and Sanjay a veteran of San Diego’s electronic music scene.

Their inspiration was bringing together the hypnotic nature of mantra, the primal call of dance music, and the grandeur of rock. Feather / Dot are poised to bring this vision around the world, already playing stages at iconic festivals like Burning Man, Lightning in a Bottle, Summer Solstice, India Surf Festival, etc. to a growing culture that is devouring spirituality, sexuality, electronic music, yoga, and empowerment. All exclusive lifestyles in the past, Feather / Dot are part of a movement that sees no distinction.


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